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TWS F9 Wireless Earphones with Power Bank Charging Case headphone earbuds Stereo auriculares Bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth Earphone V5.0 / Waterproof Earphones / Bluetooth Earphone N9

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The new upgrade Bluetooth Earphone V5.0
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Noise reduction, high sound quality
  • LED Power Display
  • Clear Binaural Call

Product Details


Using as mono earphones

Press and hold the Multi-function keys for 5s or wait 15s until the red and blue LED lights flashes alternatively;

Enable the bluetooth in your mobile deviceand make

sure it is in searching mode, Find and click“F9"

Notice: (L) side earphone can not connect with (R) side earphone and a mobile phone at the same tirme;

If facing an issue with pairing, turn off both earbuds. Then press both buttons at the same time and hold on for 10 seconds. When you see blue color led on-red and blue leds flash-red led on-led turn off then two earbuds re-paired successfully. Find the "F9" on devices delete it and research“F9" click and then connected successfully.


1. Can not turn on/ftum off earphone automatically

Because of the low battery power, please charge both two earbuds.

2. No volume after pairing

Because of a incorrect pairing, please repairing the earphones.

3. Calling function ok but red led always turn on

Because of the low battery power, please charge earphones.

4. Earphone has a echo

Because of volume too big or noise interference,please adjust volume or change a quiet environment.

5. With a noise for calling

Because of a big environment noise or the long distance between earphone and device, please change a quiet environment or put earphone near from device.

6. Volume too small

Because of didn't worn properly, please adjust the earphone location.

SENYDA (HK) Technology Limited

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