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Senyda distiller plant extract pure dew machine

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Pure dew machine / Household pure essential oil distiller / A Machine for Edtracting pure dew from natural plant essence

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High silica glass can withstand high temperature of 500 degrees
  • Can resist instant temperature difference of 200 degrees
  • Simple operation to extract dew at low temperature
  • The whole process of dew extraction is transparent and intuitive
  • The pure dew made is safe and free of impurities

Product Details

Working structure of pure dew machine Liquid water is heated → water vapor Water vapor is condensed → liquid water The device consists of three parts: heating device, condenser, and distilled water collection dish.

Different flowers make pure effect Lavender hydrosol: cleansing and conditioning oily skin, and can promote the rapid healing of acne or small wounds, speed up cell regeneration, avoid scarring of acne and wounds, suitable for mixed partial oil, oily, acne acne, large pores skin .

Rose Hydrosol: Rose Hydrosol has strong moisturizing ability, and has a certain whitening effect, and its anti-aging reputation is also good. In addition, it is the mildest fungicide and astringent. Can enhance skin radiance, quickly add moisture, enhance skin vitality.

Jasmine Hydrosol: Effectively shrink pores, balance skin oil secretion, help cleanse skin, drive away greasy and acne. It is helpful for aging and dry skin. The taste is charming and fresh, anti-inflammatory and calming. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Chamomile hydrosol: can reduce scalds, blisters, and inflammatory wounds, soften the skin, heal wounds, calm red and swollen skin after sun exposure, avoid skin sunburn, prevent melanin precipitation, repair keratin, anti-allergy, strengthen microcirculation, astringent drainage Strengthen metabolism.

SENYDA (HK) Technology Limited

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